Bedbug Pest Control in Kharghar

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pest problems. They are flat, reddish-brown, oval insects up to 4 to 5 mm long in size. Look swollen and reddish after a blood meal. Bed bugs are found in cracks, bed, sofa and crevices, including mattress seams, sheets, furniture, behind baseboards, electrical outlet plates and picture frames.

Bed bugs only feed on blood. They prefer to be more active at night when the host is asleep. Under cool conditions, bed bugs have been able to survive up to a year without a meal.Often found in hotels, where they can travel from room to room and in visitors’ luggage or other personal belongings.

It is not an easy solution to get ride on bed bugs. With diligence and patience and some hard work you have a fighting chance of getting rid of bed bugs in your home. Pesticides alone are not the answer to bed bugs. Pesticides must be used with care for safety and with attention to proper application to work well.

If you feel that you can do-it-yourself bed bug control, keep in mind that spray insecticides are also mostly ineffective in eliminating bed bugs. Because spray insecticides mainly kill insects that are exposed, and out of their hiding places, not those hidden behind baseboards, in sofa, in bed, cracks, under carpet edging and in walls. So the best solution for bed bugs is to hire a pest control body with experience successfully controlling bed bugs.

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